• A film about one man’s
    search for his destiny...
    who travels to India
    looking for answers

  • A film about an Indian saint named
    Neem Karoli Baba
    also known as Maharaj-Ji...

  • ...and a Monkey God...

  • ...and Richard Alpert,
    who came back from India as
    Ram Dass

  • It’s a story about Love.
    Pure, Unconditional Love.
    Because Love
    is all that matters.

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the most important thing.
the only important thing.
Everything is LOVE.

A young man journeys to India & has to choose between the miracles he sees & life as he knew it

American Yogi is a film about events that sound like science fiction to the average Westerner, as it explores the spiritual wisdom of India which is now flowing westward. Many believe that the wisdom of the east is a key if our planet is to continue being a healthy ecosystem for all earthly habitation.
The wisdom traditions need to be appealing to Westerners for them to pay attention. This film is inspiring, entertaining and FUN, and embodies the love which the movie is all about.

People who have not made the trip to India or met a guru like Maharaj-ji will find ‘American Yogi’ an inspiration for their spiritual journey.

– Ram Dass (Richard Alpert)

Steven Newmark, Ph.D. has been a psychotherapist, author, and lecturer in Marin county, California for the last 30 years. He is the director of American Yogi which Ram Dass called “inspiring” and the author of a book about Eastern Spirituality called Before Becoming This, which Deepak Chopra described as “insightful and joyful.” He has been featured in the New York Times, San Francisco Examiner, Houston Chronicle and the Late Night with David Letterman show. Dr. Newmark is available for consultation for spiritual and relationship issues both via Skype and in person in Marin county. He can be reached at stevennewmark@gmail.com


“American Yogi will open your heart and just might change your life.”

James Baraz - Author of "Awakening Joy"

“A deeply inspired film! About what the Western mind calls fiction- and the East calls reality”.

Shankar Mohan - Director, International Film Festival of India

“American Yogi is emotionally powerful, beautifully put together, inspiring and fun!”

Zak Kilberg - President, Social Construct Films

“This is a wonderful film.  An incredible story told very well. I needed to spend this time reconnecting to India and my heart.  This film has a great sense of humor!”

Carole Dean - President, From the Heart Productions

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