The Palm Leaf Story

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Did you ever wonder if you have lived before? I have and I found the answer one winter day in Chennai, India.

In January 2014, I was making a documentary about India when I met a man who said that he saw his future and his past written on a two thousand year old leaf. I’m a very curious sort so I was very intriged by this man’s outlandish story. Of course, I didn’t believe it. However I had a free day before my flight home, so I decided to try and find this place he was talking about. It seemed like a great a story to tell back home.

This place wasn’t easy to find but through a series of co-incidences, common in India, I eventually found the Naadi Astrology center outside of Chennai, a small humble building on a side street in a residential area, When I entered the building the first thing I saw was a small waiting room with about eight people sitting in chairs. Out came a man dressed in slacks and a white shirt, and after I told him what I came for, he took me into a small room and took an imprint of my right thumb and asked what country I was from. Other than that print they had no information about me.

He said that for many of the people that came here there was a palm leaf written two thousand years ago that would have my birthdate and important information about my life, past and future.

The fee was $30 but if they couldn’t find my leafplate there would be no charge. I was told I might have to wait all day and there was no guarantee they would find my leaf.

One hour later, I was surprised when the same man came out and ushered me upstairs into another small room with a noisy fan. He had a stack of rectangular dried palmleaves and he said he found my particular leaf. I felt a sudden powerful feeling of fear, excitement and a sense that something profound was going to happen.

He said “ Your name is Steven. You were born on September 23, 1947. Your father’s name is Irving, your mothers name is Lillian. You first wife’s name is Catherina, you second wife’s name is Durga.“ He went on to name my profession, that I had an older brother and sister, that I had one daughter and many other very specific details about my life. Everything was completely accurate. My mind went into high gear. “How could he know this? All he knew about me was my thumbprint, they didn’t even know I was coming.” Could there be a super computer in the back room? Not possible, even if such a computer existed, it would cost so much and there was information he told me that no computer would know.

He offered to tell me about my last past life which I accepted and he offered to tell me about my future and my last life. I was curious about my past life but I passed on knowing about my future. I didn’t want to hear that I would die a terrible death in three months.

I left the room in a daze. How could someone, thousands of years ago, know the exact date of my birth? Doesn’t that mean that my birth was already decided before I was born?

The explanation I was given is that ancient yogis like Agasthaya, the sage who had written my leaf, had developed powers as a result of their spiritual practices that we in the West can only fathom as science fiction. They had the ability to see into the future.