Phase 2 = $7,700 out of $19,200 raised
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With the success of our Indiegogo campaign, we’ve hired both a top-level sales agent and an Emmy award-winning editor to consult us on our project. Their advice is to make changes to the film that would enable us to reach a much wider and more mainstream audience.

We are now raising $10,000 to help us re-edit our film to give people a transmission, a Darshan of Maharaj-ji and allow tens of thousands to know about Maharaj-ji.

This movie is Maharaj-ji. It is possible that it could have the same impact as Ram Dass’s book, “Be Here Now.” We feel the world is ready to hear his message and we hope you would be willing to become partners with us in this goal.

What’s Next?

  • How much more do we need to complete the film?



  • Fundraising Phases

    Phase 1 = $11,000 (Successfully raised to help us re-edit the film!)

    Phase 2 = $19,200 – Finishing production fees

    Phase 3 = $16,500 – Distribution costs

  • What’s the money for?

              • Revision Editing – $10,000
              • Pay off  prior post production debts $2,000
              • Additional Film Festivals Submissions $500
              • Dolby audio mix  $  3,000
              • Legal Fees $  2,000
              • E&O Insurance   $  5,000
              • Est. Distribution Delivery Costs $5,000
              • Producer Fees $  15,000
              • 10% Contingency – $4,250
  • How can you help?

    You can either make a tax deductible contribution here, or introduce us to someone who may be able to help us.